Name of Population: Pedemontani
Festivity: Sant' Amasio
Villages and Place: Volla , Ruscito .
Neighboring municipalities : Villa Saint Lucia , Terelle , Colle San Magno , Castrocielo , Aquino, Pontecorvo , Pignataro Interamna .
Distance from Frosinone 44 Km
Motorway: A1 Cassino - Pontecorvo
The village of Ruscito is 4.51 Km from the City of PIEDIMONTE SAN GERMANO (FR)
Coordinates: Latitude 41 ° 27'25 "N - Longitude 13 ° 44'26 '' E
Altitude: 97 meters s.l.m.
Population: 300 inhabitants

Center located 45 km south-east of the town, 107 meters above sea level and with an area of ​​17.36 sq. km.

Do you remember the castle Piedimonte that today exists only in historical memory. Repeatedly destroyed was blown away from the ground by bombing in 1943/44 . Today there are only a little over the jamb of a door ogive and a few shreds of wall.

Among the places of worship, remember: the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo (XV sec . ), The church of St. Nicholas, with a large square in front of the entrance facade and the church of Sant'Amasio , the saint who in 337 , to preach the gospel of Christ, made ​​a stop in the center , where he worked some miracles , to the inhabitants , after his sanctification proclaimed him their patron saint with a feast on January 23.

Among the local religious traditions remember the pilgrimage on foot to the shrine of Our Lady of Canneto in Settle , one of the religious events certainly more suggestive of Ciociaria .